Why Agate Fossil Beds?

If you’re interested if fossils and you’re in North West Nebraska you should visit the Agate Fossil beds in Nebraska. The Agate fossil beds are very different and interesting place. It is located in a very flat location and you would never even think of any interesting facts laying there.

Who`s Been There?

People have lived at the fossil beds before it became a national monument. People like James Cook and his wife, great people lived raised families and died there which makes it so special. The way that they preserved the land shows the way the land has changed and the extreme weather it has endured.

What Does It Include?

Facts about the fossil beds like the size how long it has been a national monument and the average number of people that visit the fossil beds every year. 3,055 acres is how big the area is and it was originally Captain James Cook`s ranch. It includes 500 Indian artifacts that were James Cook`s collection. It was made a national monument in June,5 1965 and in 2003 16,080 people visited the fossil beds.

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