Birmingham_Alabamuh.jpgWondering where the best place in Alabama is? Just above the center of Alabama, there is Birmingham. Birmingham is the biggest city found in the state, and it has everything from culture, to great people, to great food, to a history that is beyond anything else in Alabama. As we take you back to the American Civil Rights Movement, you will get chances to see the battles between segregation, get to know and understand the country’s history a little further, and see its affect in Birmingham, Alabama (Civil Rights Movement).
  • Why Should You Go?
Alabama has much to offer besides great weather, wonderful people, and a very unique culture and history. It has diverse eateries, including some of the best food in America (Birmingham Restaurants). It was founded right after the Civil War, and had numerous fights over the Civil Rights Movement. Many people born and/or raised there still keep true to old traditions and beliefs today, keeping most that are hard to find anywhere else, alive. Birmingham also has a very home-like southern structural environment, based on various ethics and morals, and the people that you meet act as if they’ve known you for years (Official Site).
  • What is Birmingham’s History?
It was discovered right after the American Civil War in 1871 (Official Site). Eventually there were arguments over civil rights between black and white Americans. These broke out into the Civil Rights Movement, which was from 1955 to 1968. This movement was meant to give Black Americans equality throughout America. This movement also tried to abolish racism, but failed (Civil Rights Movement).

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