Blank Park Zoo
Don’t you wish there was a place where you could see all your favorite animals? Don’t you wish this place was in the middle of the country so you can get there from anywhere you live? Such a place does exist. It is the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa.
What Can I See Here?
Right off of 9th street lies the best and only zoo in all of Iowa. Many of people’s favorite animals are there such as African Lions, Snow Leopards, Giraffes and California Sea Lions (“Meet the Animals”). Plus, new for 2011, a dinosaur park with life sized models to walk through. Also coming is the newly renovated Australian Adventure and new animals to go with it. These renovations come at a time when field trips are getting cancelled. The goal is to educate kids about these new animals (AZA).
How Good is the Experience?
The Blank Park Zoo has been met with positive reviews. It has been called “a substitute for the San Diego Zoo if it is too far away,” and “an excellent place to spend the day”. The zoo is popular for its petting zoo where you can feed animals and the short amount of time it takes to travel to whole zoo, usually taking two to three hours (“Reviews of Blank Park Zoo”). Anybody passing through Iowa should make a note to travel to the Blank Park Zoo.
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