You just boarded the trolley to take a short ride over to the tours entrance. On the ride over, you got to see the luscious trees and experience the wonderful weather of Puerto Rico. When you exit the trolley, a guide comes to greet you and shows you the way into the first cave, the Clara Cave. You take an enjoyable fifteen minute walk through the Clara Cave that opens into another cave. Inside the cave, you can see the Camuy River running below you, you can feel the moist air, and you can smell the colony of bats that is living above you. You have just entered into another world, the world of the Camuy Caves.

What is the Rio Camuy Cave Park?
The Rio Camuy Cave Park is a subterranean cave system that was carved out by the Camuy River millions of years ago. Containing sixteen entrances and seven miles of passages, the Rio Camuy Cave Park is the third largest cave system in the world (Magaly Rivera). While at the Rio Camuy Cave Park, you can enjoy a fun picnic, walk on the trails, take the cave tour, and spend a couple dollars at the souvenir shop. You must make reservations for the cave tour because it is very popular. The park is open Wednesday through Sunday and holidays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m (O’Keefe’s).

What Makes the Rio Camuy Cave Park so Special?
There are many attractions that make the Camuy Caves so important. First, the Camuy River runs right through the cave system. Second, the Camuy River that flows through the cave also contains a species of fish that is completely blind (Magaly River). Third, the Clara Cave contains a freshwater spring which you can drink from. It is known as the “fountain of youth” (Gwenn). Fourth, once you are out of the caves, the tour guide takes you to a giant sinkhole where you can see the river, yet again. Not all of the cave system is open to the public yet, but three sinkholes and two caves are there for you to enjoy (Valmer).


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