Once you hit the middle of Denver, followed by its Colorado Springs. Finally going past the remarkable Rocky Mountains, that’s where you’ll find the town of Castle Rock (www.visitcastleock.org/about.htm). Castle Rock is commonly known for its fairly mild temperatures, with acres of: buttes, mesas, and nature trails (www.castlerock.org.). Everywhere you look; it’s a break taking moment, every single. It’s a very small town but it’s one of the fastest rising communities in our nation. Come and enjoy the ride of exploring more and more about the town of Castle Rock, continuing to develop and grow! 4186042492_1dc4beeb0e.jpg

What makes Castle Rock a small town?

There are many answers for what makes Castle Rock a small town. Even though it does have 47,000 people in it (www.crgov.com); just think about comparing that to a much larger state’s town. The people of Castle Rock know everything about everything and everyone. They are all warm and charming, and help out all of the tourists that come through with their families. Castle Rock is the perfect spot for a family vacation to explore all of its history.

How did Castle Rock become discovered?

There were many rumors has to how Castle Rock became what it is today. In the making of the Homestead Act of 1864, the settlers there were interested in the gossip of there being gold and rhyolite stone near a butte in Plum Creek. This put the discovery of Castle Rock on the record (www.crgov.com)! Jeremiah Gould was a homesteader and owned 160 acres just south of “The Rock”, but than in late 1874 Gould had donated 120 of his acres to be the name as Castle Rock. By doing this, Gould pry at the time had no idea that this would make what Castle Rock as become today.

You have got to visit the most historic place that you can’t get every day. It’s a various vacation or maybe even a honeymoon spot. If you love history and the mountains than come and visit Castle Rock, Colorado!

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