If you love roller coasters, water rides and shows. Then there is only one amusement park that you need to go to, and that park is Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. Cedar Point is best known for its roller coasters. That’s not all you can do at Cedar Point, you can also swim. They also have a water park, and a beach that you can go water skiing, etc…

What type of roller coasters?

Cedar Point has many types of roller coasters. One example would be the Top Thrill Dragster. This roller coaster is the type of coaster for people for the need for speed. This coaster goes from zero mph, to 120 mph in only three seconds, and goes four hundred and twenty feet into the air (Schmidt). Another example would be the Raptor. This high flying coaster is one of the tallest and fastest inverted coaster in the world. The Raptor has six head-over-heals inversions, it’s a lot of head popping feet dangling fun.

What’s the park like?

This park is like any kid’s dream. Cedar Point is the number-one rated amusement park in the world (“Cedar Point”). This park is also the second oldest amusement park in North America. In my opion this park is paradise, I would go so far as into call this park my home. So go on up to Cedar Point and have yourselves a great time.


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