You’re walking down N Houston St. when you see a beautiful building and you think you would like to get a tour of it. Well now you can, you just walk up to the door and bust a cap in the door and walk in. No don’t do that, you get the number and call them and schedule a tour. The building happens to be the Old Red Courthouse and Museum. This is the former county courthouse of Dallas County.

What is the Old Red Courthouse made of?

The Old Red Courthouse is made of huge blocks of gray granite and red sandstone ("Patterson"). The rock came from Arkansas and Pecos, Texas. It is made up of a 90-foot bell and clock tower. A lot of museum rooms that you can explore. And a courtroom not used any more ("Patterson"). The old grand staircase has been restored to its original beauty.
Old_Red_Pic.jpg When was the Old Red Courthouse used?
The Old Red Court House was used from 1918 to 1945. And it was has been used for many marriages since then ("Old Red") . It is a very big part of Dallas history ("Old Red").
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