Drive to Arkansas and you’ll most likely see the Arkansas University football stadium, one of the loudest crowds in the NCAA. Imagine your eardrums ringing from all the sound when they play their rival. All the drunk people throwing popcorn at you, that’s something you will never forget.
Why go to see an Arkansas game and not someone else’s?
Some reasons you should go to an Arkansas Razorbacks game is they have had a good football program the past few years and want plenty more to come. Another reason why you should go to an Arkansas game is because they have a great quarterback Ryan Mallet.
When did University of Arkansas become a college?
Founded as Arkansas Industrial University in 1871, its present name was adopted in 1899. Its city that it was founded in was Fayettevile (“Arkansas Fact Sheet: AR). It is one of the oldest schools around and has great academics.

What is the schedule for the Arkansas Razorbacks?
They have a lot of good games this year that we are looking forward to some of the games are as followed, Auburn, which was the national champs last year should be the best game for us, I think we have a chance to take them this year!(2010 NCAA Division I-A NCAA Football Scores and Schedules for Week 1- ESPN)

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