Three, two, one. The NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas is the place to go when you are in Texas. The Johnson NASA Space Center is so cool. You would think that this place would just be for nerds and people, who are real geeky, but I’ll tell you what, it’s totally not. This place is so cool, it has space ships and people who have went on expeditions. There are training camps there and way more. You can see and feel what it’s like to be a real astronaut. They have tour into space craft and a theater room to see what the universe actually looks like, which is based on past expeditions (Hodgson)

When was their first flight?

This was not a very thrilling mission.

Sure I mean people were all happy that people were going on jsc-1a.jpgthe mission, but for what happened

next were not very cool. The first flight was taken in May of 1961. The mission had only lasted for fifth teen minutes the rocket attached to the side had a malfunction (“Space Center Theater”).

What type of Education do they offer?

At this Space Center they have internships that will help you get a good job into the field that you are looking into. These internships will help you out a lot with expenses and with the education that you need especially when you are getting some first hand teaching from people that have actually been there. The have helped out so many people that could not financially afford this experience (“Undergraduate Student Research Program”).

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