Is hiking, watching beautiful wildlife, and adventure your thing? Are you the type of person to try new and exciting things? If so, I think you would enjoy your first trip to Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, or if you have already visited us come on back! The Grand Canyon can be fun and peaceful. It’s a visit of your lifetime, your parents or your children can make millions of great memories. Think about it, take a second, and plan your trip now!

How Did the Grand Canyon Become?

Erosion is the cutting down of land caused by harsh weather. The canyon began to form just about six million years ago. It was founded by Francisco Conronado back in the 1540’s. In 1919, congress made the canyon a national landmark (“About the Grand Canyon”). Therefore, it became known as “The Grand Canyon”. It is still not the biggest canyon today but research shows it is not done forming.

What Kind of Wildlife Beholds Within the Canyon?other_picture.jpg

There are 383 species of animals between mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. The inner parts of the canyon are mostly deserted but the rims are more tropical. While visiting the canyon you can see the endangered Razorback Sucker and the Humpback Chub. They’re two fish that have been around for many years, and are now on their way to extinction. The beautiful Bald Eagle and the fascinating California condor can be sighted around the canyon. The California condor has a wingspan of 10 ft. Even the Brady Pin-Cushion Cactus is in the desert of the Canyon (“Grand Canyon Facts”). There are rarely any plants in the desert but the rim holds many more.

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