Green Bay, Wisconsin, or as the locals call it Title Town. The name says it all. From the moment you arrive you feel like a champion. You can go visit The Neville Public Museum and see the history of America’s railroads. You can go to Lambo Field and see the NFL champions play. One thing is for certain, you don’t leave Green Bay without feeling like a champion

How did Green Bay get its start?

Green Bay started as a settlement for Native Americans (Garza, 2007)who used the bay as their main provider of resources. The bay brought in flocks birds like gees and ducks that blackened the sky during migration. They also fished the bay for the endless amount of bass, perch, sturgeon, and many others. When the Europeans heard of the natives living in the Green Bay area, or so called “people of the sea”. They thought that the natives were actually Chines. So it was thought that this land had a water way to China. The explorer Jean Nicolet was sent to explore the area later known as Green Bay. (Bay, 2008)

The Green Bay Packers

On August. 11, 1919, The Green Bay packers were born in an editorial room for the Green Bay Press Gazette by Curly Lambeue and George Calhoun. (Packers, 2010)Little did these men know they would become the legends that made the NFL as we know it today. The packers got there name when Indiana packing helped sponsor the team and get them into the NFL. From that moment on the team was known as the green bay packers. Since those days the packers have won thirteen titles. The most for any team. (Packers, 2010)

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