Jackson Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

Jackson Sports Hall of Fame is located in Jackson Mississippi. This is a place where you can learn about all the famous and good athletes that came from Mississippi from present day or way back when (“Jackson Mississippi”). This museum has many entertaining exhibits to experience. This Place is a Great place for a family trip and it is very affordable. This hall of fame is one of the finest in the United States. Someday I think I will go there myself because you feel like you’re in a time machine.

What to Do?

Well there are plenty to do here but I will just give you a few things that come to mind. Have you ever watched or sports center espn and though that it would be cool to be one of them announcers? Well here at the hall of fame there are many exhibits (“Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & museum”). And the cool thing about them is they are very realistic, so one of the exhibits is to be a pro sports announcer (“Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & museum”).

Or have you ever thought about ever playing on a PGA golf Course well here at the Mississippi sports hall of fame you can get into a exhibit with a simulator and play golf anywhere you would like (“Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & museum”). You can play like as if you were Tiger Woods in the world PGA tour. All of these exibits would be enough to get me to go there.

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